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FISA, the Financial Institution Security Association, was formed in 1980 to combat crimes perpetrated against our members. We serve as a vital communications link for financial institutions of all sizes in the South Florida region, developing and distributing security information to our members and to law enforcement agencies.

  • We maintain a comprehensive member directory.
  • We provide training and networking opportunities.

Through strength in numbers, common vigilance and the sharing of information, FISA empowers our members to prevent losses as well as improve the strength of our businesses and the financial industry in general. Join today and enjoy the peace-of-mind of being informed by the leading authorities in our industry.

To help members keep up with the rapid changes in the financial security industry, FISA offers a robust educational program with training, workshops and seminars.

At our monthly breakfast meetings, guest speakers discuss timely and important topics. These include everything from the latest criminal techniques to new technologies, strategies and tactics for fighting them. We also provide members with valuable investigative tools and a community based partnership consisting of law enforcement at all levels; local, state, federal, and financial crimes investigators that work together to combat the inordinate number of crimes committed against its members and the community.

Knowledge and communication are the key to security. Join FISA today and become part of the premier financial crimes investigators' association.

We offer the only locally based loss alert program of its kind in South Florida which is used by our members, that includes local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, to detect and deter crime.

This critical information not only helps members prevent loss, but is crucial for law enforcement's efforts to arrest and prosecute the criminals involved. The more financial institutions that participate, the more losses we can prevent.

Join FISA today and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from successfully fighting crime.

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